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Wound Wax 125ml

Wound Wax is a beeswax and honey based product, this allows the ointment to be water resistant and have easy topical application.


Made from all natural ingredients. Suitable for the topical application to skin as a wound dressing to reduce or prevent contamination and allow inflammatory exudates to remain in contact with a wound, which may help speed up natural healing

Anti-inflammatory Properties 

Honey and Beeswax encourage wound healing

Protective Barrier Properties

Holds moisture in and reduces dryness
without suffocating the pores of the skin

Water Resistant In Nature

Beeswax actually attracts water, keeping skin molecules well hydrated making it an ideal wound healing environment


Supports cellular turnover with Vitamin A

Healing Coconut Oil 

Topical application stimulates collagen production and cellular turnover.
Aids healing and  minimizes scarring


Natural fly deterrant
Nourishes skin and aids wound healing

Fantastic for wounds, cuts, bites, protects ears from insect bites ( especially dogs)

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